Best Benq Projector (Benq W1110)

Benq W1110 projector is one the best Benq Projectors for Home Cinema in the market. We rate it as the best for many reasons, but some of the main reasons are, the quality, ease of installation and configuration, reduced noise. Benq W1110 price is much cheaper of the features and quality it comes with.

Best Benq Projector! – But Why

Let just jump in straightway and discuss why we think Benq W1110 is the best Benq Projector.

CinematicColor Technology : Utilized optimal color to bring out the most accurate and enhanced images to you. Share and crisp visuals due to this technology ensures you home cinema enjoyment.

Short Throw : Maximum big-screen thrill with minimum space requirements. Needs as little as 2.5m to project whopping 100” pictures.

Vertical Lens Shift Assist : You can shift the image up and down without degrading the image quality.

Wireless : Wireless Full HD Kit allows crystal clear streaming, even through walls. One-time setup, Zero latency, maximum of 100ft wireless coverage.

Audio : CinemaMaster Audio+ technology turns the room into world-class home theatre with native speakers. 10W stereo like speaker housed in resonant sound chambers give you tremendous sound effects without the need of external speakers.

Benq W1110 – Technology

Benq W1110 uses DLP technology to deliver the excellent cinematic experience at home and is the leading projection technology used in 90% of world’s digital cinemas and 100% of IMAX theaters.

Benq W1110 Price

The price varies from one seller to another. You will be able to get this project from anywhere between $800 to $1100.

Benq W1110 Specifications


You be the judge!

  • W1110 8 out of 10 stars good review in Trusted Reviews in United Kingdom
  • W1110 recommended award in DD in Czech Republic
  • W1110 editors’ choice award in PC World magazine in Poland
  • W1110 recommended award 2016 winner in AVforums in United Kingdom
  • W1110 gold award in in Spain





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