Do Ultrasonic Animal repellers work – (Interesting reasons)

Do Ultrasonic Animal repellers work ?  – (Interesting reasons)

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Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

In todays article we will discuss few important things about the effectiveness of Ultrasonic Animal Repellers. We will discuss whether Ultrasonic Animal repellers work, if yes – why it works. If not – why it doesn’t and how to effectively use it to repel animals away and still avoid hurting them.


What is an Ultrasonic Animal Repeller?

Scaring away unwanted animals using a device which emits powerful ultrasonic sounds. The sound waves a usually set to a frequency which is only audible to animals.

Why use an Ultrasonic Animal Repeller?

You don’t have to harm animals, you don have to work with poisonous chemicals.

Do Ultrasonic Animal Repellers work?

The answer is yes and no.

Let us focus on the second part of the answer – NO. Why they don’t work. (Later in this article, we will discuss how to effectively use it)

There is a science behind the reason

We all can relate to this, difference between a baby crying its heart out and many babies crying their hearts out. Can you stand it? CIA even tortures the convict using this method, watch this video to understand.

So yeah, coming back to the question, we can’t stand the babies crying. But we get used to it if the babies are at home always. Imagine a nurse in hospital handling infants, she can easily tolerate it, whereas we can’t.

This is the reason why Ultrasonic Animal Repellers don’t work. Rather I would say, it works till the animals get used to it.

With that said, not all animals are equal, some animals tolerate it (wild cats), some don’t (domestic cats). Some get used to it after sometime and some don’t.

Hence the mixed answer yes and no.

So, Ultrasonic Animal repellents really work, it depends on how you use it.

How to get full benefit of Ultrasonic Animal repellers

Ultrasonic Animal repellers work, but how to tackle the problem of animals getting used to it.

Answer is, you change the position of the unit every few days and you can plan to have a trap for animals, also you will have to choose a right product to do the job.

How to choose the right Ultrasonic Animal repellent

Look for a product which have the following

  • Higher ultrasonic waves which are audile to human ears, but not annoy us like alarm.
  • Use flashing capabilities along with waves to scare away the animals.
  • A mobile unit, which you can move around.
  • A rechargeable or even better a solar powered unit.
  • A device that can cover a good range
  • A device that has a good detection angle
  • Water proof

We highly recommend you to buy APlus+ Animal Repellent (Ultrasonic and customizable) … but leave you with other two options for you to choose between

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