How to learn Affiliate Marketing online for Free

How to learn Affiliate marketing online for FreeHow to learn Affiliate marketing online for Free

How to Learn Affiliate marketing online for free is the best question to ask, because there are many people who claim to teach you this, but not for free. You have come to the right place, after completing this article you will have a complete understanding on the things you need to learn affiliate marketing online for free with tools you need to succeed.

How to learn Affiliate marketing Step by step


  1. Learn to choose your niche

What is a niche? A niche is a diverse segment of a market, in other words an “Audience”. While choosing a niche, you should choose something that interests you or something you would like to learn about. You don’t have to be an expert at this point in time, you will become an expert as you go on.

Probably this is the phase where you will have to spend much of your time, because

  • You will be writing content about your niche.
  • You will be communicating within your niche.
  • You will be Choosing products to promote within you niche.
  • You are going to help people within you niche.


  1. Learn to Find the affiliate program related to you niche.

You have selected a niche, now you need learn how to find out affiliate programs related to you niche. Let us take an example of Lucid Dreaming as a niche. Lucid Dreaming is a hot topic currently and it is fun because you get to create your own dreams and experience it.

You may use to explore the available affiliate programs. Typically, you will select a program based on the commission you are offered. Clicking on promote option will get you a link, this is the link you will used to sell / refer the products, when someone purchases it from the link you shared you get the commission.

Screenshot from Clickbank


  1. Learn to Create a website.

Sounds hard, but trust me you can create a website for free and within 30 seconds. Yes, creating content will take time. But first step is to create an appealing website. Consider it as a shop where you will be selling products.

Remember, a shop with no products, a shop full of products but no customer is same. Similarly, a website without content and a website with full of content but no visitors is also of waste.

Website in 30 seconds


  1. Learn to write Keyword rich content.

You have a website and have content but there are no visitors, you search in google about your content, in our example it is about Lucid Dreaming, you are not listed in google results. SEO is the key.

The key to getting your website listed in google search is to write content rich of keywords. If you are using WordPress to create your website, you can use plugins like YOAST SEO plugins.


Now choosing right key word for you content is also challenging task, but there are tools you can use. Use Google search autofill suggestions to form your keyword or use tools like Jaaxy to find out which keyword can help you rank top in google search. Jaaxy is the industry’s only keyword and research platform that was developed by affiliate marketers FOR affiliate marketers.

Keyword research platform

Idea is to use low competition keywords and write the content in your website.

  1. Learn to build your Audience

Now you have a shop with good products, how find the audience. Search for them in social media and promote your products and websites. You can use google ads to reach targeted audience if you are really impatient about reaching your audience.


If you feel this information is overwhelming, you will be proved wrong. Definitely learning all these on your own will take some time.  So, I will suggest you to practice what you have learnt by signup to this program for free. Yes, absolutely free, no credit card needed to signup to this program.


The program has all the tools you need in one place. Website, keywords, tons of valuable training and every supportive community. You have nothing to lose by joining them for free and experiencing it yourself.

To know more about the program you can read our article “Best affiliate program in 2018” or visit the website directly here

All the very best for your success!


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  1. Rudolph Reply

    God article Ameen. You have simplified the nuances of Affiliate marketing for a lot of people who would be interested in generating a passive source of income.

    • Ameen Munaf Post authorReply

      Hi Rudolph,

      Thank you for your kind words. Share it with the ones you care for. I do not want people to be misguided and fall for the SCAMS.


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